Title of abstract in Arial font: size14 point, centered paragraph


AuthorA, A.A.1, Author, B.B.2, Author, C.C.3 & So-on4, D.D.


1e-mail address of Author A, Department, Institution

2e-mail address of Author, Department, Institution

3e-mail address of Author, Department, Institution

4e-mail address of so-on, Department, Institution



The main text, like the author names used Times New Roman font, 14 point for the Author names and 12 point for the remainder of the abstract.  Type or paste your text into this file but remember to keep the page margins the same as is set here which is 2.5 cm all round.  Paragraphs are justified (straight-edged) on both left and right.


Use single-line spacing and leave a line gap between paragraphs.  This helps your text to be read easily. If you would like to insert a figure, you can do so.  If you want, you can set the text to flow around the figure but do remember to include a figure caption.


The secretariat expects that there will be more abstracts submitted with preference for presentation than can be accommodated in the program.  Therefore, be as clear as possible with your abstract in order to increase the chances of your abstract selection.   


The limit for your abstract is 250 words.  Abstracts that do not meet these formatting requirements will be returned.  The organizing committee has reserved the right to edit abstracts for clarity or correctness of English however; the author will be consulted in case if there is a need for any significant changes.